From a very young age I have had a complex…ion issue. 

I have struggled with acne and skin issue most of my life. So cosmetics used to be my way of hiding and covering up. I cannot remember a time when I felt comfortable enough to go in public without some sort of covering on my skin! 

That is so not the case anymore. 

NOW, I’ve found a diet that helps my skin from the inside out, and I’ve found skincare products that pick up on the other side and help my inner self radiate through. I enjoy experimenting with cosmetics now for the artistic side of it, and I love how it can help me express myself in a fierce and fun way. 

SeneGence has not only given me a voice to speak through with my beauty routine, but it is also teaching me how to empower women. I LOVE chatting about my #lipstickministry and how it’s changing my life. I would love to help you create your own business, too! It’s all about women empowering other women. 

Also, check out this site if you want to order. <3 


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