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Camping Cavaliers

 Something about getting away for a weekend with my loves is both rejuvenating and relaxing. 

(Branson Ridge Resort, we LOVE staying here in Brason! Everybody is so friendly, and they have so many fun events for the whole family… bingo, cookouts, crafts.. you name it!) 

Even if it’s a bit chaotic trying to get a baby to sleep in a camper… it brings us together. 

Some have asked how we sleep in the Shasta! A little cozy is the answer! 

In the back of Sharon is a pull out “gaucho” style bed. It’s plenty large for Chase and I to sleep comfortably! 

Up front is the dinette that folds into a very large twin size bed! The kids sleep there. At first when Penelope was very small, we built a crib slat to section off a portion of the bed for her and then Connor slept on the other side. 

Oh those sweet memories!!

  She was such a little thing!!

My sweet sleeping P. 


Connor loves waking up and waking up P! They were SO sweet at this age.

Now they both sleep head to toe and it seems to work just fine!

We have camped at some truly amazing places! My favorites are pretty close to home so we can get there quickly and enjoy a long weekend. We look for clean bathrooms because we don’t have facilities in our camper (just running water in the sink). We did that intentionally to lighten the camper, and also because we didn’t want to sleep in such close quarters to a bathroom, ha! 

(Natural Falls State Park- a close favorite for us!) 

Something about watching a football game over a campfire is magical and perfect. Even though the Hogs lost that day, we sure enjoyed our view! 

But my FAVORITE part about camping (aside from relaxing and slowing down) is exploring and finding pretty little scenes like these. 

I might have helped this scene a little…. that dark black shale was just calling for a pretty heart rock! (this was a quiet morning at Bluff Landing Campgrounds outside of Broken Arrow, OK)

and this sweet scene on a dewy, cool morning… happy little dewy webs!

But the happiest times are when we’re together! Connor loves building fires with Chase. We are SO excited to take him to the Buffalo River this weekend to camp, explore and hopefully canoe the river. (weather pending)

(outside Harrison at a small campground called Shady Oaks)


(the fish hatchery in Branson)

Camp meals are totally my jam… especially fall camp meals. Sigh!

and camp coffee… always. <3 
We are always on the lookout for new, cozy spots to frequent. 

Our top 10 to try are:
Withrow Springs
Lake Fort Smith (for kids mainly- pool and splash pad)
Lost Bridge- Buffalo River
Lake Ouachita
Petit Jean
Mt. Magazine
Mt. Nebo
Long Pool
Blanchard Springs

Leave me a comment below and tell me your favorite camp sites!

Hope you all have a beautiful Wednesday!

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