Camping we will go…

About 5 years ago we visited a beautiful campground called the White Buffalo Resort. I instantly fell in love with the huge bluffs surrounding the camp that sat right on the White River’s edge. 

Early in the mornings a fog would roll off the cold river… it was simply breathtaking! Connor and I got to fish and relax and just enjoy the week with my dad and sister’s family! Chase came on the weekend and it was just perfect.










(photo proof that this kid did indeed use to love all kinds of food…) 







We swam in the pool, we explored the swimming hole in Cotter, roamed and threw rocks into the river… it was just a perfect little trip.

Finally 5 years later we are returning! I am so excited to camp right on the river’s edge and enjoy the sunrise and sunset in the valley once again. I’m packing up our board games, swimming supplies and good nosh and we’re heading out in just a few hours.

While we aren’t all going to be there (Penny isn’t old enough to canoe down the river and my dad and sister’s family won’t be there), we are SO excited to make some new memories and come home with a new set of photos to look back on and smile.

Also… just LOOK at that tiny baby Connor sleeping away. I can barely remember him being so small! Also, this is the trip he started walking on!! He was just over a year old here. My how time flies!

So precious… I love having these photos to cherish! 

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