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Coming Home

I was reading through past posts last week and smiling at all of the sweet memories on this ol’ blog of mine.

Some of my favorites were looking over holiday photos, events and sweet memories from my Connor! Sadly though, I don’t have ANY posts with sweet P in them yet. I never even introduced her on the blog… so I am going to go back and post sweet photos from the last year and a half with our sweet girl sprinkled in through the next few weeks.

I started blogging in 2003 to journal and document fun events in my teenage years. While that blog is long gone, I continued writing and sharing with friends and family in various places. Mostly via blog though.. it has been the most consistent!

I’ve TRULY missed it so much the last year. My biggest goal for this year is to live with intention. To enjoy and live in every moment- and blogging is such a part of that for me.

So it’s time to dust off the keyboard and start writing again!

This last week the kids and I spent the week visiting Chase’s family in Little Rock. We started with a fish fry with all of the family, and then sadly Chase had to return to work! So, the kids and I stayed on and enjoyed much needed family and relaxation time swimming, playing, and visiting.

(my favorite way to eat my fish was on a piece of toast with veg!)

A HUGE milestone happened while we were there. Connor started swimming 100% without his puddle jumper! He’s like a little fish and got considerably stronger just in the 6 days we were there. He is so super proud of himself! Next on the list is to learn to ride his bike without training wheels! Kid is just thriving and growing and loving life.


Connor also lost his first tooth last week, with another about to follow.

His little toothless grin is almost too much to bear!

Miss P has grown into such a vivacious little thing, and loves to go and do just as much as her big brother. She has become such a fun part of our family and we can’t imagine doing life without her. Even as I write, she’s sitting on the table pretending to type on the keyboard and do her thing. Her curls are the complete definition of her personality- wild and free!

Yesterday we finally were able to venture back home (after getting a new alternator- yay….) and it is always SO sweet to return home. Sometimes you just need a little time away to appreciate the blessings of home.

So for today, we are going to enjoy and soak in these final days of summer with some much needed relaxation time!

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