Gratitude: 2/22

Day 2!!

Here’s what I’m grateful for today: 

  1. One more week of a school break; Connor is currently asleep on the couch and that’s never a good sign. He only naps when he’s sick. 
  2. Having family IN TOWN now! Even if we’ve all been sick the last two weeks, it’s nice knowing someone is here.
  3. A comfortable home maintenance routine that allows us to rest when we need to, to spend quality time together, and not stress over clutter! (I have plans for more declutter as the year goes on.. it helps us live so much more comfortable when we have less!) 

Prayers of thanksgiving over challenges:

  1. Reinstating of my teaching license. I’m learning SO much through this process.
  2. For the impending job hunt! 
  3. These persistent illnesses are helping us slow down. 
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