Gratitude: 3/21


Day 3:

I’m not sure if it’s the morning light talking, or if today is just a really wonderful morning. 


We’re all sick (or recovering from sickness), and it’s cold as all get out outside, but it’s been a really beautiful and peaceful morning together. 

3 things for which I’m thankful: 

  1. a sweet neighbor friend who replenished our coffee supply last night… <3 
  2. beautiful morning light
  3. kids who enjoy playing together

3 prayers of thankfulness for challenges:

  • having to work to be diligent to nourish my body with wholesome food
  • working on patience with my sick kids while also being sick
  • possibly needing to leave early for California next week because of impending winter storm

(how cute is this tea tin from Savoy, and little wooden spoon from Euna Mae’s?!) 

Also… I love my happy space under the stairs so much. I moved a lamp down here last night, and it adds so much cozy-ness and warmth. 

Happy Wednesday, friends!!

How are you keeping warm/busy on this crazy cold day?



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