Gratitude: 4/21

Day 4:

I’m SO thankful for quite a few things today.

  1. ALL of us are feeling WELL. No fevers, minor coughs, no headaches. 
  2. Daily healthful habits forming and feeling natural.


So, I unintentionally ended up re-reading some of my blog posts circa 2008. It was a super fun trip down memory lane, and I dug up a few of my favorite dishes that I had almost forgotten about.

I may even resurrect a few of them next week!! Up first would be the tomato/spinach tart. SOO yummy for breakfast.

(Connor now hides when I’m taking photos… *cries*) 

Also, breakfast burritos!! YUM! I used to make them quite often, and would freeze them individually for quick breakfasts (when we had a chest freezer…). Maybe a small-ish batch to get started?

Right now, I’m visiting with some podcasts, my planner, and Photoshop (to make a branding board!) while Penelope naps.

Finding quiet moments in our bright and busy days to pray, reflect, and focus on my goals/habits has helped make the habits feel concrete and not overwhelming.

I can’t even handle that cute snaggletooth smile… he’s about to lose another tooth- his first top tooth. I have mixed feelings about this… if you mention it, I may cry. 




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