Gratitude: 6/21

Gratitude Day 6

It’s been a really unexpectedly crazy weekend. I wrote day 6’s gratitude list while hanging with my dad last night as he recovers from sepsis and pneumonia in the hospital. That’ll put things into perspective. <3 

3 pieces of gratitude for today:

  1. Dad moved here earlier last year. I’m so thankfuly he is close by so that we are able to be here with him to help right now. (he’s also been SUCH a big help for us as well…)
  2. Forever grateful for friends who care, pray, help, and offer assistance (mentally and physically!) without hesitating.
  3.  This journey of gratitude has helped me start to truly start to find happiness in the daily (and sometimes not so daily) moments. 

Also, I just saw that New Girl will be in its final season (sorry if this is old news… I’ve been under a rock of sickness since October). So now I need to go watch the last 3 seasons!


Also… this kiddo is so cute. <3 

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