Happy New Things

This season has been a huge season of happy changes in our home. We had planned to homeschool (we did last year, as a Pre-K 5 type year) and had high hopes of doing so again.

But emotions, and anxiety and stress became regulars in our house surrounding school time. Keeping up with the littlest Cavalier has proven to be quite the challenge. While we REALLY see positives with homeschool, and will never rule it out for our future, we made the best choice for our family and our sanity to send C to the sweetest little school around the corner. 

Last year, Connor was “eligible” for Kindergarten; however, through prayer and lots of discussions, we decided it was best for him to wait one extra year. Even with homeschooling last year, we focused a lot on OT/PT for sensory issues and did lots of playing and learning through exploring. It was the BEST decision because he has blossomed SO MUCH this last year. Where last year, it would have been stressful and tearful, our first morning of Kindergarten was a huge smiling success.  


Monday was OPEN HOUSE at Connor’s school! We were able to meet his super sweet teacher, eat snow cones and grab a couple of “school” shirts. We are so excited to get to know all of the awesome people in his school.


On Tuesday, Connor and I were able to have some hang out time, and oh was it sweet. We went and got hair trims with the lovely Janelle (where the water stopped working in the entire salon right during my shampoo! hah) and then we met up with Chase for lunch. It was such a fun morning! After lunch, Connor and I hopped over to Old Navy to snag some back-to-school clothes. I think he had a blast picking out shirts and shorts he liked!

Last night, we picked out his clothes (he wanted to wear his new school shirt!), he brushed his teeth and we read a bundle of back-to-school books and said fervent prayers… it was so surreal thinking we were sending him off into the school world. 

This morning, things were SO smooth and fun. I watched on his monitor as his alarm woke him up! He turned it off, got dressed, cleaned up his bed and came down stairs for breakfast. So sweet seeing little seeds start to bloom as he gets older and becomes his own little person. Breakfast was quick, and we had quite a few “nervous nerves” but we gathered up little sis and headed to school. It took all of two minutes from our driveway to the school parking lot, but we stopped outside the van and said our prayer for the first day of school. Hugs and pictures with mom and dad and then we quickly walked in!

There wasn’t much time for nerves once we got inside the school. His classroom was just around the corner. His sweet teacher had put “aqua” play-dough on his desk, so he was SMITTEN. She walked him over to where his backpack and lunch box belonged and we said a quick good bye, and that was it. 

(we watched like creepers from the hall because we could) 

No tears (even on mom’s part), and lots of smiles. He was nervous, but he was so brave!! I just love this age and it’s so bittersweet seeing him sail through these milestones. 

Happy fall to all of y’all sending your littles off to school! <3 Here’s to this newest season and all the joys that are to come. 


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