I’m still standing (yeah yeah yeah)

Hey Y’all!!

I’m still chugging along over here working on my gratitude, but the daily blogging got pushed aside briefly. Journaling and planning daily are two of my biggest brain peacekeepers, so I have found great joy in adding a little moment of gratitude into that mix. 

Life is always interesting! We’ve been struggling to get my dad well, Chase and I traveled to California for a SeneGence training, and then we have been reacclimating to life around here.

If you could though, say a prayer that the specialists are thorough and and discerning for my dad tomorrow (today really! hah). 

I’m so grateful that he’s closer now! 

Just for funsies, here’s a fun makeup look I tried out the other day. I was feeling especially extra….


Thanks for following along, friends!! 

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