Sharon the Shasta


So I realize when I stopped blogging, I never did a full reveal of our sweet little camper, Sharon.

We’ve had two full springs and summers of trips in her, and while it’s sometimes close quarters, we sure do love getting away and enjoying the beauty around us!

When I last blogged, we were just beginning to put up the walls on the camper.

Oh my word how far we have come since then!

(I had a LITTLE too much fun organizing our tools and workspace… don’t worry, it didn’t stay this nice for long). 

This is how she looked when we finally unloaded her into the workspace. 

We reattached the walls, and slowly started piecing her back together. 

(Connor helping Chase work on the front framing)


This roof now…. it was a DOOZY! It was probably the most dreaded task because we just weren’t quite sure how to make it work. But Chase did a beautiful job on it. 

Next we insulated and dry fit windows and skins to make sure it would all sort of fit back together.

(That beautiful window is my pride and joy. I’m so proud of how they all turned out! ) 

Next we moved inside.

So at one point we had saved the pre-existing pieces to measure new ones off of; however, when you rebuild completely from the ground up, things change. SO we decided to design our own inside to what would work best for our family. Chase drew it up and made it happen.

Have I mentioned how cool he is? 

This part was so tedious and very taxing, but it turned out super cool! 

Next came vinyl plank flooring and trim! We filled nail and staple holes and prepped her for paint inside.

At this point, Chase did all of the plumbing, electrical, and wiring for all of the lights! 

This next is my favorite part of the transformation (paint!). It always makes things look SO different.  We chose white for the inside because it’s so clean, makes everything so seamless and bright and it bring the brightness from outside IN! (also, I’m obsessed with white…) 

(this beauty is the screen door Chase built for our AC closet)

Chase also built all of the countertops and table top and stained and trimmed them…. I love the unique vibe it gives the camper. 

So after paint… 

(y’all writing it out so quickly like this TOTALLY makes it seem way easier than it was….. this project took 2+ years, and countless hours juggling everything to make it happen. We sold everything we owned, sold our house, moved into a 5th wheel, moved two more times, built a house and had a baby in the time we built this camper!!!) 

Ahem, ok, so after paint on the inside, we started reattaching skins and working on prepping the outside for paint. 




The poor skins were just in rough shape to begin with, but replacing all of the skins were FAR outside of our budget… so we made do! 

All of her bumps and bruises tell a story, and we love her that way. (and it saved us bokoos of $) 

(color coat with silver stripe!)


So the roof skin was ROUGH, and didn’t quite fit back just right…. that’s totally to be expected. So we patched in areas to make it fit and it works! 


(SO shiny… I LOVED seeing this transformation.) 

Once the paint cured, we went to work putting her back together completely. This included finishing repairing and cleaning all of the trim, windows and door! The door is a HOT mess, and some day we are going to have to replace the skin on it and rework the body and lock. Because… holy moly, it’s crinkled and weird. 

Seeing the inside finishing off was amazing… I finished sewing all of the cushions and curtains and we set out for HOME so we could start loading her up for our first adventure. 

Sharon’s first night home, I got to work revamping curtains, fluffing the nest and packing her up for our first trip…. 

So, I’ll end this post here with a final reveal of Sharon fluffed up in the next post!! 

Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any questions!! This is a super watered down process of the build, but we are an open book! 

Coming Home

I was reading through past posts last week and smiling at all of the sweet memories on this ol’ blog of mine.

Some of my favorites were looking over holiday photos, events and sweet memories from my Connor! Sadly though, I don’t have ANY posts with sweet P in them yet. I never even introduced her on the blog… so I am going to go back and post sweet photos from the last year and a half with our sweet girl sprinkled in through the next few weeks.

I started blogging in 2003 to journal and document fun events in my teenage years. While that blog is long gone, I continued writing and sharing with friends and family in various places. Mostly via blog though.. it has been the most consistent!

I’ve TRULY missed it so much the last year. My biggest goal for this year is to live with intention. To enjoy and live in every moment- and blogging is such a part of that for me.

So it’s time to dust off the keyboard and start writing again!

This last week the kids and I spent the week visiting Chase’s family in Little Rock. We started with a fish fry with all of the family, and then sadly Chase had to return to work! So, the kids and I stayed on and enjoyed much needed family and relaxation time swimming, playing, and visiting.

(my favorite way to eat my fish was on a piece of toast with veg!)

A HUGE milestone happened while we were there. Connor started swimming 100% without his puddle jumper! He’s like a little fish and got considerably stronger just in the 6 days we were there. He is so super proud of himself! Next on the list is to learn to ride his bike without training wheels! Kid is just thriving and growing and loving life.


Connor also lost his first tooth last week, with another about to follow.

His little toothless grin is almost too much to bear!

Miss P has grown into such a vivacious little thing, and loves to go and do just as much as her big brother. She has become such a fun part of our family and we can’t imagine doing life without her. Even as I write, she’s sitting on the table pretending to type on the keyboard and do her thing. Her curls are the complete definition of her personality- wild and free!

Yesterday we finally were able to venture back home (after getting a new alternator- yay….) and it is always SO sweet to return home. Sometimes you just need a little time away to appreciate the blessings of home.

So for today, we are going to enjoy and soak in these final days of summer with some much needed relaxation time!


January 8-
Our first night back all under one roof was not near as restful as we had hoped. (well for 3/4 of us anyway- Connor slept like a rock)

Penny has a fever and just generally doesn’t feel well, which translated to her not sleeping well.

I coveted the cuddles on her bedroom floor at 1am though. Smelling her sweet curls as she rubbed her tiny little hands on my fuzzy robe. Very thankful that I am her mama..

I came downstairs around 6:30am to a quiet house and took out the trash, made coffee, started laundry and opened the blinds to a dark street.

Just a few minutes later, Connor padded downstairs and asked for cereal. As he settled down to watch Paw Patrol this early morning, we both looked outside and admired this scene.

He said “Look, Mommy! The Northern Lights!”

So, here’s our photo of the “Arkansas Northern Lights” from our front porch…


January 7
Our kiddos are HOME! And this awesome guy is making pizza… because he’s rad.

So glad everybody is home safe and resting. Poor P has a fever, so we’ll be staying in tomorrow instead of church, BUT we do get to spend that time together before a crazy week of Walton Arts Center musicals begin again! Chase is playing in “Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder” next week, which means he’s crazy busy every single day, and I’m single-parenting it for a week.

We got this though! Teamwork makes the dream work.


January 5-
This girl has been so funny, snuggly and cuddly since we got home.

Just one more day until we get to see our other babies.

Miss them like crazy when they’re gone.

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