Happy New Year!!! Honestly, I had to really dig deep this morning. I wasn’t feeling all that much gratitude. Day one started with a bang.  Chase and I bickered, the baby vomited everywhere last night, and I was stubborn and didn’t want to talk.  BUT this journey is about finding moments of thankfulness and changing… Read More Gratitude:1/21

Organization, Traditions & Organization

My Word

My entire teen and adult life, I’ve been a compulsive goal setter and list maker. It’s part of what I feel gives me motivation to keep going, to keep giving and doing,  to keep improving, and to keep trying to find the happy. There is some strange form of satisfaction, for me, that comes with… Read More My Word


Happy New Things

This season has been a huge season of happy changes in our home. We had planned to homeschool (we did last year, as a Pre-K 5 type year) and had high hopes of doing so again. But emotions, and anxiety and stress became regulars in our house surrounding school time. Keeping up with the littlest… Read More Happy New Things


Camping we will go…

About 5 years ago we visited a beautiful campground called the White Buffalo Resort. I instantly fell in love with the huge bluffs surrounding the camp that sat right on the White River’s edge.  Early in the mornings a fog would roll off the cold river… it was simply breathtaking! Connor and I got to… Read More Camping we will go…