Camper, Sharon the Shasta

Shasta Revisited!

When we left her last, Sharon the Shasta was in our side yard. After we sold our last home, we disassembled the walls and put her in a storage unit until we could find a covered workspace to finish her.


(where she was last time we worked on her, before storage)


We waited, sometimes not-so-patiently (me), and had an amazingly sweet offer from a sweet friend to use part of their yard to set up our tent and get to work.
and then the rains came. and they came… and kept coming! For the entire month of June it seemed to rain. So in the storage until Sharon stayed.


Then, the heavens opened up, the rain stopped (and the heat set in!) and Chase had a friend with a warehouse space available offer us the unit for an incredible deal. Jackpot.

and here is what has happened since!


(we put the walls back up!)



(then built the front in)

(framed in my favorite window in the whole camper… cannot wait to sit here sipping my cuppa and just gaze!)

(framed in, minus the back and roof- intentionally!) 

IMG_4947(started building interior furniture… my beautiful cushions are so excited to have a place to go!) 


 (Boxed in the frame! Storage underneath on both sides. We aren’t purists, and want the interior furniture to be white, so we are building the interior furniture with plywood. Less expensive, too!)


So that’s where we are right now! We plan to finish the dinette this weekend, and the kitchenette and bed area. Then we can frame in the back and the roof, and move to electrical! Whew.


Stay tuned!

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