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{ Funday Monday } AWBU

Happy Monday, y’all! 

Connor at Grammie's-7

While Baby C and Hubs were frolicking in Grammie and Pawpaws backyard (see above photo..) , I was excitedly embarking upon the greatest of expeditions. 

This weekend, I had the pleasure of attending Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged (University); AKA, #awbu. It was held at Ferncliff Camp and Conference Center (hello Narnia of Arkansas). 

Little did I know upon my arrival I would be joining {the tribe}.. of crazy, amazing, talented, intelligent, and welcoming women. These women are INCREDIBLE and to say anything less would be a huge disservice to their platforms. Bloggers are people, too and I love how AWB supports this crazy thing we do. It’s not for numbers or money, but to create and cultivate relationships and connections. To tell our stories.

Where folk songs, and stories once passed on the word, now our blogs do the same. 

Just like Mamaw (my awesome, and blessed grandma) passed down her stories and recipes to my dad and aunt through index cards scratched full of memories; we are passing along our stories, recipes, joys, and trials with our intra-words. 

Sometimes our sisters aren’t down the road, and that’s okay. 

I just feel pretty blessed to be connecting with women in our communities who understand the importance of supporting other women/entrepreneurs/mothers/people. 

So, stop comparing yourself to someone else, “live the life you want to write about” (Tricia Goyer, I loved your session..), and blog on, friends. 




and.. p.s.
I had the most awesome (non-crazy) roomie on the planet, met another talented photographer (with whom I cannot WAIT to meet up with and make crazy awesome art), and connected with a dear sweet friend from home whom I love dearly. 

AWBU-18Sara, I hope you don’t mind me sharing! I love capturing photographers in action. I can’t wait to see what you captured through your rosy lens!


That’s all friends. 



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