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Happy Third, My Little Goose

Three years?

Three years ago I looked like this:



This was the weekend before I had C! (excuse the grainy iphone photo)
We were so excited to meet our little man. 


and shortly after, this is who we were blessed with:








Today, our awesome playgroup helped us celebrate C’s birthday. With all of our projects (and C’s aversion to big groups these days) we decided a small gathering in a normal setting would be better suited this year. My mom, and Chase’s parents are coming up Saturday to have a small celebration with us as well! So thankful for all of these amazing ladies, and people in our life that love our boy!



and since C was kind of not cool with candle blowing out today, we did some big 3 year old pictures after the party instead!



connorturnsthreeOh, sweet little guy, you have changed and magnified the way we love each other and the world around us. 


We love you.


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