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Shasta Revisited!

When we left her last, Sharon the Shasta was in our side yard. After we sold our last home, we disassembled the walls and put her in a storage unit until we could find a covered workspace to finish her.


(where she was last time we worked on her, before storage)


We waited, sometimes not-so-patiently (me), and had an amazingly sweet offer from a sweet friend to use part of their yard to set up our tent and get to work.
and then the rains came. and they came… and kept coming! For the entire month of June it seemed to rain. So in the storage until Sharon stayed.


Then, the heavens opened up, the rain stopped (and the heat set in!) and Chase had a friend with a warehouse space available offer us the unit for an incredible deal. Jackpot.

and here is what has happened since!


(we put the walls back up!)



(then built the front in)

(framed in my favorite window in the whole camper… cannot wait to sit here sipping my cuppa and just gaze!)

(framed in, minus the back and roof- intentionally!) 

IMG_4947(started building interior furniture… my beautiful cushions are so excited to have a place to go!) 


 (Boxed in the frame! Storage underneath on both sides. We aren’t purists, and want the interior furniture to be white, so we are building the interior furniture with plywood. Less expensive, too!)


So that’s where we are right now! We plan to finish the dinette this weekend, and the kitchenette and bed area. Then we can frame in the back and the roof, and move to electrical! Whew.


Stay tuned!

Powder Coat Me!

Before starting this project, I never imagined all of the great craftsmen I would meet in our town… from welders, metal workers, glass cutters, automotive paint guys, to powder coating professionals.

It’s been amazing seeing how our community has it all! We’ve been able to source all of our needs locally, and affordably. 

My favorite transformation (because it’s been the most instant!) has been powder coating. I know once we get the paint on the Shasta, and the glass in the windows, and the new panels of aluminum up and the lock reassembled, those will all quickly become my favorite, too.  But today- it’s the powder coat!

Unfortunately, I’m a goofball with a really awesome camera who forgot to take before/after pics of the process. When you’re in the midst of a crazy-town project, sometimes these details slip your mind. But I did snap a few photos with my iphone.  before stairs kinda Below the floor, next to the wheel, you can somewhat see the state of the stairs before. They had about 15 coats of miscellaneous paint, rust, and pitting. Our friends at Custom Powder Coating Services were unsure of how deep the pitting/damage was so they made no guarantees, but I had camper good juju faith.   powdercoatstairsAnd it worked!! They look brand spanking new! I showed them off on Tin Can Tourists FB page, and a few thought they were actually new! Next came the wheels.  Which were also scary… which you can also kinda see in that first photo.   but now.. they look sharp! powdercoatwheelsWe left the spare in it’s original state for budgeting reasons (and because we hadn’t planned on it being seen. We may now mount it under the tongue, and may need to have it coated.. but we’ll see!  powdercoathubcaps   And with our snazzy (and lacquered in clear coat) cone hub caps from Vintage Trailer Supply. (Swoooon) Enough trailer talk for today! Feel free to comment with questions/comments/you’re crazy! Would love to hear from ya.      

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