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Sprucing the nest…

It’s been such a long time since I’ve felt content enough to blog.

Contentment is strange. A sense of happiness and satisfaction? We do so more now than ever try to find the joy in the daily things that God blesses us with, but it has been a huge struggle for me personally to really settle in. I’ve been living “until the next session is finished” or “until I feel better” or “until my next appointment.” 


I usually love blogging and writing to journal our events/journeys, but lately (and by lately, I guess I mean the last 6+ months) it just hasn’t felt right. 

Almost from the beginning of this pregnancy, I’ve been in a funk. With the months and months of morning sickness came exhaustion, mental fatigue, and just an overall haze. Kind of like a thin veil of fog just hanging over each day.

Sickness after sickness in our home left us secluded from friends and family. Along with the sickness, we have been in a major MAJOR transitional point in our lives. After 16+ years with the same company, Chase has accepted a position with a new company (talk about crazy) during this last month of pregnancy. Don’t forget we kinda moved three times in the last year, built a house, a camper, and sold everything we owned…. I’d say this year has been one of growth, learning, and acceptance.


But today. Today felt bright. Today felt good.


(and look at that Pikachu “ornament” that made its way onto the tree! and we totally have a toothbrush cap as an ornament… thanks Dad)Christmas

Don’t get me wrong, we have had MANY great days in between some of the crazy, but I just haven’t felt like writing about it. Now that I’m finally caught up with work and photo sessions, I felt like I could spend time on us, our home, and sharing a little bit of what we have been up to the last 9 months.


Penny 2



This sweet room has been such a place of happiness. I’ve so enjoyed putting lovely little things in here that bring us joy! From the sweet Gingiber fox, blue owl pillow and sheep, to the thoughtful gifts from friends… Love it so much!! 

Christmas 2

and then these happy shelves that Chase built… I LOVE THEM way much. I still have some fun ideas for the coffee bar and the living room, but after selling most of our things last year, I’ve found serious joy in less. The things we have out are so meaningful to us. Christmas 3 

So there you have it! Happy Tuesday, y’all. Thanks for catching up.

Maybe with the next blog, there will be a baby girl! 

{ Organization } Fall Redo

Having an abundance of produce is usually a wonderful thing, but not when it EATS your counter space.

For the last few months, we’ve been fighting the ‘battle of the bags’ (our CSA produce comes in brown paper bags). 

Until I can get the produce in the skillet, our counter space is Nil. None. Zip.

Most of you know that I like having an organized workspace ( c’mon, I can’t edit photos until my house is clean…), so this problem was really eating(hah) at me.
Well this morning, Hubs has a spectacular idea. Pyrex. 
My beautiful, vintage, amazing, pyrex. It gets used regularly (because we don’t use plastics to store our food), but I have an abundance… to say the least!

So, on the counter it went. I admit, I don’t love this kitchen (especially compared to our last kitchen), but we are making do with what we have until we can remodel more, and getting more organized in a space you don’t love is key to functionality. 

 storyboard copy 

and after that, I was inspired to photograph the mantle that got a mini-makeover yesterday. It’s still a work-in-progress, and needs some photographs and such, but I’m helping to will the weather to cool down a bit with some cozy decor! (that amazing bunting banner came from a homemade shop at #awbu, when I find the link, I’ll link up!)


Thanks for stopping by! What is your favorite kitchen organization tool? I’d love to hear it- share below!


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