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{ Happy Mail } ~ Erin Condren Life Planner

Each year, I have one mail day that just takes the cake.

Like seriously, I track this package with vigor. 

It’s an Erin Condren Life Planner.

One_Large_Five_Small_Grid(prettiest packing ever, yes?? The box alone makes me squee!)

I know, people ask me every day “is it REALLY worth the money?” and I answer, hands down, “YES!” 

Please. Go take your $10 off code (‘Welcome10’ for you first time EC buyers), and get one of these babies (no, I’m not being paid to write this; yes, I buy a planner every year.)

EC life planner-9 copy

This is by far my favorite and most useful business expense every year. 

We do use our phones to coordinate schedules, but I also take each task and write it with a pen/marker into this planner. I also make it look ultra cute, and snazzy with colors and stickers. Because it’s fun.

EC life planner-5 copy

What helps me most though is the actual act of writing down a task/meeting/date, and then marking off said task, etc.

We lose much of that repetitiveness when we just type things into a smartphone (which are also awesome), but sometimes simple IS best. Some of my favorite parts of this specific planner are the laminated monthly tabs, the zip storage bag, monthly calendars, daily task calendars, monthly LISTS (which I sometimes washi tape over and make into other lists), notes section, and yearly calendars! Also… it’s dang cute and the colors/quotes/organizational tools are by far the best of all of the planners I have ever used. Did I mention you can add photos/your name/quotes, etc?!

EC life planner-11 copy

I have had a day planner since I was in the 6th grade, and I think that’s the only way I made good grades in school.

Because really, who can remember to do problems 5-15, 19, 22, 107, and 133 on page 156 of your math book when you lose the piece of paper with the instructions that WAS crammed in your book somewhere deep in the abyss of your backpack.


Me either.


That’s why planners are such awesome things. 

So, tell me! What is your favorite planner, and why? 

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