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Camping we will go…

About 5 years ago we visited a beautiful campground called the White Buffalo Resort. I instantly fell in love with the huge bluffs surrounding the camp that sat right on the White River’s edge. 

Early in the mornings a fog would roll off the cold river… it was simply breathtaking! Connor and I got to fish and relax and just enjoy the week with my dad and sister’s family! Chase came on the weekend and it was just perfect.










(photo proof that this kid did indeed use to love all kinds of food…) 







We swam in the pool, we explored the swimming hole in Cotter, roamed and threw rocks into the river… it was just a perfect little trip.

Finally 5 years later we are returning! I am so excited to camp right on the river’s edge and enjoy the sunrise and sunset in the valley once again. I’m packing up our board games, swimming supplies and good nosh and we’re heading out in just a few hours.

While we aren’t all going to be there (Penny isn’t old enough to canoe down the river and my dad and sister’s family won’t be there), we are SO excited to make some new memories and come home with a new set of photos to look back on and smile.

Also… just LOOK at that tiny baby Connor sleeping away. I can barely remember him being so small! Also, this is the trip he started walking on!! He was just over a year old here. My how time flies!

So precious… I love having these photos to cherish! 

Sprucing the nest…

It’s been such a long time since I’ve felt content enough to blog.

Contentment is strange. A sense of happiness and satisfaction? We do so more now than ever try to find the joy in the daily things that God blesses us with, but it has been a huge struggle for me personally to really settle in. I’ve been living “until the next session is finished” or “until I feel better” or “until my next appointment.” 


I usually love blogging and writing to journal our events/journeys, but lately (and by lately, I guess I mean the last 6+ months) it just hasn’t felt right. 

Almost from the beginning of this pregnancy, I’ve been in a funk. With the months and months of morning sickness came exhaustion, mental fatigue, and just an overall haze. Kind of like a thin veil of fog just hanging over each day.

Sickness after sickness in our home left us secluded from friends and family. Along with the sickness, we have been in a major MAJOR transitional point in our lives. After 16+ years with the same company, Chase has accepted a position with a new company (talk about crazy) during this last month of pregnancy. Don’t forget we kinda moved three times in the last year, built a house, a camper, and sold everything we owned…. I’d say this year has been one of growth, learning, and acceptance.


But today. Today felt bright. Today felt good.


(and look at that Pikachu “ornament” that made its way onto the tree! and we totally have a toothbrush cap as an ornament… thanks Dad)Christmas

Don’t get me wrong, we have had MANY great days in between some of the crazy, but I just haven’t felt like writing about it. Now that I’m finally caught up with work and photo sessions, I felt like I could spend time on us, our home, and sharing a little bit of what we have been up to the last 9 months.


Penny 2



This sweet room has been such a place of happiness. I’ve so enjoyed putting lovely little things in here that bring us joy! From the sweet Gingiber fox, blue owl pillow and sheep, to the thoughtful gifts from friends… Love it so much!! 

Christmas 2

and then these happy shelves that Chase built… I LOVE THEM way much. I still have some fun ideas for the coffee bar and the living room, but after selling most of our things last year, I’ve found serious joy in less. The things we have out are so meaningful to us. Christmas 3 

So there you have it! Happy Tuesday, y’all. Thanks for catching up.

Maybe with the next blog, there will be a baby girl! 


I’ve been around the block a few times to understand that our lives move in seasons… seasons of rest, stress, comfort, pain, excitement, stability, growth… 

 I’m sure we’ve all been through many of them. Until this last year, our lives cycled through the normal. It wasn’t until we bought our fixer in Fayetteville that we experienced the season of crazy. 

IMG_7486(so many happy memories here- we put so much into this little place!)

I mean, like super crazy. You learn who your real friends are in that season. The one’s who stick by you, tell you God is leading you in this direction for a purpose, and lift you up in prayer and never let you hermit away like you want to (ahem.. Kaci). We also met or reconnected with some of amazingly wonderful and generous friends during this season.. those who gave willingly of their time and talents to come and help finish projects (cough- Bronwen!), or move your stuff.. or buy your stuff when you sell everything you own! You know, the fellow crazies or thrifting nerds. 

My friend’s Hannah and Anna both mentioned recently that by putting our genuine and honest, real, true self out there, we will attract like minded people. It’s SO true. By being honest about who and where we were in life, we attracted some crazy-awesome nerdy, thrifty, handy people. 

We learned that maybe living in a constant state of projects wasn’t the best way for our marriage and family to grow. We learned SO much about each other during this time though, too… things that we likely may not have learned without the hardships.

– how to trust
– that I have anxiety over unfinished projects (like hardcore…)
– how to let go… 

So, we won’t regret any decisions we made. Nor will we dwell on the past.


Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”  -Isaiah 43:18-19


So, we’re moving forward. We’re building a house. It has worked out beautifully and in the right time… there are rivers in our desert. Life’s season is changing, and we’re following where we are led. 

IMG_0554IMG_0863-1IMG_0876Chase is still working on engineering like nobody’s business and I’m still taking new photography clients.


Connor is still awesome and three, and full of laughs. I’m still working my booty off with 21 Day Fix and Max 30 and any other exercises I can get my hands on and do from home.


We’re still us. 

So, there you have it intra-world. Update on the crazies. Care to join us?


Has it really?


Oh dear. 

Has it really been two weeks since my last blog?  

I just love this time of year so much that I am constantly outside taking it all in with the little dude… or enjoying watching the leaves fall (or getting locked out of the house with C while blowing leaves off the driveway- yep totally happened).  

But I’m here, and fall family photos are in full effect. I just love this time of year.  

 Did I say that already? 

Here’s a bit of what we have been up to. (via my phone, because it’s what I have with me 100% of the time) 

Dress up in momma’s glasses (also notice that in every picture that follows, Lightening McQueen is ever present!)



Little Minion for HalloweenIMG_0003





Colors changing slowly in our front yard… this was before those big ole trees dumped 5 tons of leaves on our house, porch, driveway, and neighbor’s house, porch and driveway. (hah!)IMG_0008





When he ate the kitty cat’s tail he said “Oh No!!!” “Meow!”




Oh fall…IMG_0016

The much debated adult mac-n-cheese. (double hah! Only you AWBU foodie friday bloggers will probably get this reference!)IMG_0017

Boy is a constant blur these days. (and sweet Soph looking on tiredly..)




Mug swaps with IG buddies!IMG_0020

yes.. he’s that ornery, and that silly.IMG_0021


Enjoying one of my favorite past times- reading magazines! Especially of the pretty variety.



the end.



oh wait. now the end! Happy living room date night!

{ Funday Monday} – Farmland Adventures

Arkansas is truly beautiful.

The fall here is spectacular, and many local places know exactly how to capture and showcase the beauty of this little piece in our state.



Farmland Adventures in Springdale is at the end of a windy, country road just outside Springdale. As one of the fellow riders on the hayride said as we rode into the pasture to feed the cows, “you feel like your hours outside of the city, but in reality the grocery store is just around the corner.” Truer words I haven’t heard! We live in a pretty cool place where just a short drive leads you on the most magical adventures.


Connor loved the animals even more this year, and spent 99% of his time pining over, riding on, and patting the sweet ponies. His favorite pony was “Best Pony”, who he rode no less than 10 times. (not exaggerating here folks.. kid loved the ponies)



He also enjoyed the tractor ride to feed the cows tortillas in the pasture. I remember last year, a flock of chickens trailed after us into the pasture, but this year the silly cows did the trick. They loved brushing up right next to the wagon, and sticking out their long tongues toward our hands. What fun Connor had with them. He kept saying “mooooooooooo” (especially when cows would moo in return, that really got him going..!)




We were going to explore the corn maze, but after the 10th pony ride, C was shivering, and my fingers were numb so we headed to the van. Not before grabbing a super reasonably priced snack. 



With admission for 2-and-under kids free, and prices for adults being pretty reasonable (think price of a movie for hours of entertainment), we may have to go a couple more times before their season is finished. 

farmlandblog-4(his dirty little face just kills me…. )

Happy fall, y’all!

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