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Maxed Out

Two weeks ago I graduated from the 21 Day Fix, and decided to invest in a few more at home workouts. I landed on TurboFire, PiYo, Les Mills Pump, and Insanity Max 30! 


Um. Call me crazy, but with all the amazing results from the test groups that I have seen, I decided to just jump right on in on Max 30!

My box arrived Friday… in all of it’s beautiful glory.

It was slightly intimidating, but super exciting!

and today… my challenge group started, and I did it!! 
(slightly modified some to keep my heart rate down until I see the cardiologist Thursday for an echocardiogram)

It felt FANTASTIC! Hard, but awesome. Talk about whew. 

I maxed out at 5:35 (ouch), but kept going!



I think my favorite though is that the nutrition plan is just like 21 Day Fix (eat the correct portion sizes for your weight and activity level) but they include even more recipes and options!
So, that’s that! Just another fun day around here!

Also… it’s SO windy! I feel like we’re going to blow away! 

Trust the Process

So the last few years, I have been so lost. A little emotionally and mentally, a lot physically… It wasn’t until a friend, who has become very dear to me, shared her inspiration that I felt like I could make a change and stick to it.

Sometimes it just takes someone being REAL with you about their struggles to inspire you to make a change.

November 1st, I joined my sweet friend and a fabulous group of ladies on a 21 Day Fix (IG: #thenovemberfix) journey to eat healthful foods, proper portion sizes, and to exercise daily with an amazing trainer, Autumn Calabrese. (via some kick butt DVDs) I did it ALL in my tiny living room… 


After having C, taking the weight off and fighting cravings was so much harder to do. Mentally, I wasn’t in an ideal place, and physically I felt lost!  I was an emotional eating mess.

21 days later, (well now a little longer than that) I am down 17 lbs and up a whole lot of confidence. 

I’m starting to feel like the old me. I have energy?! Seriously I have energy! 

Who knew I was an at-home-workout junkie… I always thought to see results I had to be in a gym, on a treadmill, or with a trainer or boot camp group.

What I really needed was a group to inspire me and push me to keep going. I needed to learn to look forward to exercising and an easy way to make it an integral part of our daily routine. I needed to keep going. ryangosling

I’m in another 21 Day Fix group this month (IG: #happyhealthyholidayfix) with another group of fantastic ladies, and starting to look ahead to January to plan a group for my friends looking to make a lifestyle change, too.

I’m in for life now. Going back to that sad place is not an option for me. 

Are you in?

Whole 30- Recap

Things around here are crazy.

By crazy, I mean like we’re photographing a wedding today, 5 sessions tomorrow and at least 2 sessions each day after until almost September. Right now we’re working with the Humane Society of the Ozarks to help put together their annual “Tails of Love” book. It’s an absolutely wonderful publication, and all proceeds go directly to the HSO in order to help rescue and give care for more animals in the following year!!


Simba (1 of 2)


They do amazing work, and you should hop on over to their page and look into buying a page, and then contact me to have your photo taken for the book as part of the page!

So all of that goes to say that I am still making my way through eating whole foods for the entire month. I’m feeling fantastic.

The prep work, planning (post coming soon about how I meal plan- regardless of the Whole30 or not), and execution take a lot more effort than opening a box of pasta, and pasta sauce, but it’s WORTH it. My energy is so high right now (thank goodness, because otherwise I’d be crashing HARD right now with the stress). I am not weighing myself, but my clothes fit much more loosely and my face has thinned out a bunch. Also, my endurance at the gym has been incredible.


I’ve been keeping up with the GPP workouts daily for the last two weeks, and I ran a mile today (plus 30-50 reps of various other exercises) and was breathing hard after, but not “about-to-pass-out” hard like I would have been two weeks ago!!!!

I’m still modifying some of the workouts, but I was able to do 50 walking lunges today, and didn’t have extreme noodle legs as bad as last time!!

So, health-wise, I am starting to feel like a routine is forming and we are back on the right track after a couple of years of not-so-good habits.

Stress wise, I still need to learn to manage stress a little better. Work has been SO steady (HUGE praise, thank you friends!!!), but time to do work has become less during the summer. Connor is starting Mother’s Day Out in September though, which means I will have actual work hours to WORK, which is also a huge PRAISE! So thanks friends for being understanding and patient during this transition period.


That’s all for now! Working on a few new recipes that have become a favorite around here!


Toodles. 🙂





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