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Friends and Pyrex

Those two words should be synonymous, because Pyrex makes friends and friends give Pyrex. Or in this case, that’s the truth.

Although Madeline and I didn’t become friends BECAUSE of Pyrex, it pretty much has become a mutual love. (Maddie, someday I’ll find some pink gooseberry in the wild and surprise your doorstep with it!)

We don’t use plastics to store food, so beautiful glassware has become a bit of a hobby (it’s actually very reasonably priced and you can search for it “in the wild” ) (aka Goodwill, Salvation Army, or a plethora of thrift stores) and find pieces for super duper cheap! Sometimes they have some wear, but I like to call that love.. someone loved on them really well. 

Well my birthday was on Wednesday, and my sweet, sweet, wonderfully giving friend sent a package. Inside, was a bubble wrapped bundle of joy! (no babies, here folks.. just pyrex)

Pyrex and Toddler Feet-4Giving gifts is such a joyous thing- it rivals the feeling of actually opening a gift like this!
I know it was sent straight from my friend’s heart… thanks my friend! 

Pyrex and Toddler Feet-2

Pyrex and Toddler Feet-3


After all that loveliness, we hosted some friends for dinner. I couldn’t help but capture some of the happiness!

Pyrex and Toddler Feet-5(amazing garland made by Owlbolt!

Pyrex and Toddler Feet-9

Pyrex and Toddler Feet-8

Pyrex and Toddler Feet-7


and baby feet.. because who doesn’t need baby feet on a Friday  morning. 

Pyrex and Toddler Feet-10Happy weekend, y’all! I hope your weekend is beautiful, and full of love.


P.S. What’s your favorite way to share some happiness with your friends? I personally like to make happy treats, or dinners for friends!


{ Headshots } – Ashley

Photographing friends is one of my favorite things ever, because I truly feel like I can capture their personalities in a photo.


AshleyE-7 copy

These headshots were especially special because I met Ashley at Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged. She has SUCH a fun, giving, heart and personality for days.

AshleyE-8 copy 

THANK YOU, Ashley for letting me capture you.


You’re pretty much my favorite. And you’re stunning. The end. 

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