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{ Funday Monday } Frontier City

Since I took last week off from technology, I didn’t get to share with you the adventure we got to go on with my family!

My sister-in-law works for Bob Moore in OKC, and every year they rent out Frontier City for their employee appreciation/picnic day.

They kindly invited us earlier in the year, and we had a conflict, but through magical schedule changes, we DID get to go and had a blast. My sister-in-law also took me to Basket Market in OKC… and GOODNESS! I was in hobby heaven. If you’re ever in the city, please check it out. Cutest overstock, floor models, discontinued items from Hobby Lobby and Garden Ridge at a deep discount.

So… here’s a little photo tour of the weekend!


We rode teacups, choo choos, roller coasters, and Connor’s favorite- the carousel. (we did that twice- once with nana, and once with mama).

Also, Connor played the duckie pond game and somehow pulled the only XL duck out of hundreds of little ducks, and won the biggest froggie prize they had.


Dude has skills.


frontiercity-29and this is what happened before we even got onto the interstate… out all 4 hours home.


Happy Monday, friends!!


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