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{ Weekly Menu } 9/30/13- 10/6/13

Last week, I took a much needed break from technology to focus a little more time with my family and form a solid business/work schedule.

This week feels SO much better already as the weather begins to change, and schedules begin to slow down.. we are finally settling in.

I’m resolving to try to keep my working hours to the hours Connor is at Mother’s Day Out. Mondays, and Thursdays will be my computer work time, emails time, call returning time, and editing time. The other days will be our regularly scheduled events such as playgroup, library, park and scheduled sessions/weddings.

It’s a hard pill to swallow to think that he has already started the route towards school and being gone from home more hours out of the day than he will be at home (minus sleep). So, while business and our clients (we love y’all) are important to us, we are striving to balance and create an efficient work atmosphere that is completely separate from home life. 

I will be present while he is home. I will be off the phone while we play. I will be intently focused on our family affairs and molding a little mind purposefully.



So if I don’t answer your texts or calls right away, know that I WILL, and when I do, I will be fully focused on you! The same goes for my family! 

Tomorrow = getting caught up on beautiful brides, returning emails, and sending a few invoices. 

So, with that, here’s our weekly menu! 




Whole 30: Day 2-4 Complete!

We were gone over the weekend, and blogging via iPad just isn’t exciting.

Here’s a recap on the weekend and what I ate to stay on track with the Whole 30!


Friday: (Day 2)

Breakfast: I seriously cannot remember, but it’s written down in my journal and will look soon!

Lunch: Leftover pork stir fry (AMAZING)

Dinner: Almond crusted chicken, banana and almonds (in the car)


Saturday: (Day 3)

Breakfast: Sausage patties and pepper/onion omelet topped with avocado sauce

Lunch: Boiled shrimp, homemade cocktail sauce, guacamole and cucumbers, and assorted melon

Dinner: Almond crusted pork chop, guacamole, assorted fruit, and cucumbers. 


Sunday: (Day 4)

Breakfast: Banana and almonds (lame I know.. I was in a hurry!)

Lunch: Sweet potato hash, mushrooms sauteed, eggs, avocado sauce, grass fed sausage, and salsa

Dinner: Pineapple Chicken Skewers with sweet potato with ghee. 
I obviously have iphone photos (sorry still no REAL photos yet…) to share, but I’ll insert them in tomorrow.

Right now, it’s bedtime. 5:00AM workout tomorrow, and there are burpees in my near future. (ouch!)


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