January 8-
Our first night back all under one roof was not near as restful as we had hoped. (well for 3/4 of us anyway- Connor slept like a rock)

Penny has a fever and just generally doesn’t feel well, which translated to her not sleeping well.

I coveted the cuddles on her bedroom floor at 1am though. Smelling her sweet curls as she rubbed her tiny little hands on my fuzzy robe. Very thankful that I am her mama..

I came downstairs around 6:30am to a quiet house and took out the trash, made coffee, started laundry and opened the blinds to a dark street.

Just a few minutes later, Connor padded downstairs and asked for cereal. As he settled down to watch Paw Patrol this early morning, we both looked outside and admired this scene.

He said “Look, Mommy! The Northern Lights!”

So, here’s our photo of the “Arkansas Northern Lights” from our front porch…


January 7
Our kiddos are HOME! And this awesome guy is making pizza… because he’s rad.

So glad everybody is home safe and resting. Poor P has a fever, so we’ll be staying in tomorrow instead of church, BUT we do get to spend that time together before a crazy week of Walton Arts Center musicals begin again! Chase is playing in “Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder” next week, which means he’s crazy busy every single day, and I’m single-parenting it for a week.

We got this though! Teamwork makes the dream work.


January 5-
This girl has been so funny, snuggly and cuddly since we got home.

Just one more day until we get to see our other babies.

Miss them like crazy when they’re gone.


January 4-
Sometimes rest and respite are what we need.
Although it wasn’t terribly exciting, it was special and exactly what we needed. Movies, puzzles, bubbles and bubbly.

Home from a relaxing and restful couple of days with my love.


2/January 2:
We have been so blessed with seriously the BEST neighbors on the planet.

Day 2 of 2017= progressive dinner success. Way to start the new year!

Reviving this ole’ blog!

Hey friends!

Long time no blog? I’ve started a 365 personal photo project and feel like this is the perfect place to share.

So I’m going to do a quick catch up for the first 8 days!


1/January 1:
Happy New Year’s Day!

My word for this year is “intent.”

Living with intent includes leaning into people and things that I love (including photography).

Join me for the next year as I capture life one day at a time- savoring the small stuff.

Today, it’s Christmas lights! Oh, how I’ll miss them until next year. This was our first year ever to have lights on our home.


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