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Pickling and Penelope

Today has been a much needed reprieve.  Windows open, dreamy morning light and lots of sweet sounds of play from our gal. 

The last two years (since P was born), I sometimes get these crazy hard headaches. I’m positive it’s hormonal, but still it doesn’t make them any more fun. Yesterday was one of those afternoons/evenings that was just plain hard because of said headaches. God bless my slow cooker for dinner and my awesome husband for taking over once he got home. The morning after a particularly angry one, it usually takes a good half day for the dull ache to wear off. 

We persevered and made it to today. Today is Friday, which brings so much happiness because it means we get a full weekend together as a family.

(I love this little corner! It’s so helpful to keep things from sprawling out everywhere after school)


Last weekend was a packed FULL schedule of fun times- lots of photos sessions (makes my heart so happy), events, and deadlines. So we’ve gone almost a full two weeks without quality family time. 

(seriously, look at this angel from a session last weekend)

We plan to have a family movie night, finish cleaning up the garage and play play play. I did have a photo session planned, but was able to reschedule to next week so we could refresh! Sunday evening, I’ll cap off the weekend with a women’s conference hearing the awesome Lisa Harp speak! 

Before all of that though, I have a few things I need to finish up around the house. I’d like to get things nice and tidy and all of my personal projects taken care of today so I can relax this weekend. Part of me sometimes wishes that I didn’t need things to be in order to relax and let loose, but the other part of me really relishes having things just so, so that we don’t have to worry about things being amiss at critical times. I also stress way LESS when things are tidy. 


This sweet girl has played so well this morning while I try to get some work done. Also.. morning light is my favorite. It’s so dreamy!!! 

So today will (hopefully) include editing my last two beautiful sessions from last weekend, canning pickles and finishing up the laundry and cleaning the house. Seems like quite a tall order, but pickles are already processing, the last two loads of laundry are ready to be folded and the house isn’t THAT messy, so it’s just tidying and giving it a fresh scrub. 

(trying to recreate my Mamaw’s Sweet Lime Pickles)

I’ll let you know how these beauties turn out! I’m hopeful. <3 

Happy week-ending to you all!! 

Friends and Pyrex

Those two words should be synonymous, because Pyrex makes friends and friends give Pyrex. Or in this case, that’s the truth.

Although Madeline and I didn’t become friends BECAUSE of Pyrex, it pretty much has become a mutual love. (Maddie, someday I’ll find some pink gooseberry in the wild and surprise your doorstep with it!)

We don’t use plastics to store food, so beautiful glassware has become a bit of a hobby (it’s actually very reasonably priced and you can search for it “in the wild” ) (aka Goodwill, Salvation Army, or a plethora of thrift stores) and find pieces for super duper cheap! Sometimes they have some wear, but I like to call that love.. someone loved on them really well. 

Well my birthday was on Wednesday, and my sweet, sweet, wonderfully giving friend sent a package. Inside, was a bubble wrapped bundle of joy! (no babies, here folks.. just pyrex)

Pyrex and Toddler Feet-4Giving gifts is such a joyous thing- it rivals the feeling of actually opening a gift like this!
I know it was sent straight from my friend’s heart… thanks my friend! 

Pyrex and Toddler Feet-2

Pyrex and Toddler Feet-3


After all that loveliness, we hosted some friends for dinner. I couldn’t help but capture some of the happiness!

Pyrex and Toddler Feet-5(amazing garland made by Owlbolt!

Pyrex and Toddler Feet-9

Pyrex and Toddler Feet-8

Pyrex and Toddler Feet-7


and baby feet.. because who doesn’t need baby feet on a Friday  morning. 

Pyrex and Toddler Feet-10Happy weekend, y’all! I hope your weekend is beautiful, and full of love.


P.S. What’s your favorite way to share some happiness with your friends? I personally like to make happy treats, or dinners for friends!


{ Organizational } – Weekly Menu

I’m often inspired to design new menus… and this weekend it just so happened to happen this morning while my dad was here, Connor was grumping, and hubs was running frantically trying to keep it all together.

Just keepin’ it real.

They indulged me though, and let me have a few minutes to create.

And I got our menu done for the week a day earlier than usual!! (and all of our weekly shopping done, too!)

You may see a few of these recipes pop up on the blog throughout the week, and I’d love to share if you see one that doesn’t! Just leave a comment below, and I’ll send it your way. Also… the menu isn’t perfect, but if I spent the time to make every menu perfectly perfect, I wouldn’t ever have time to actually implement it!




Also, we eat our leftovers for next day lunches to help cut down on the cost of groceries- and usually it’s much healthier! We eat a bit smaller portions for dinner, save the rest for lunches, and save in our pocketbook.

Breakfasts are typically protein based to give lots of energy to get through to lunch. Snacks are fruit/nuts/whatever we have on hand usually. 

If you’d like the blank version of this menu, just click on the following link!

Just print it out, laminate if you want to reuse it, and write in your weekly menu! If you’d like the PSD version, just leave me a quick comment, and I might be able to arrange that!

Thanks so much for stopping by- leave a comment if you download! I’d love to know what you think. 

{ Happy Mail } ~ Erin Condren Life Planner

Each year, I have one mail day that just takes the cake.

Like seriously, I track this package with vigor. 

It’s an Erin Condren Life Planner.

One_Large_Five_Small_Grid(prettiest packing ever, yes?? The box alone makes me squee!)

I know, people ask me every day “is it REALLY worth the money?” and I answer, hands down, “YES!” 

Please. Go take your $10 off code (‘Welcome10’ for you first time EC buyers), and get one of these babies (no, I’m not being paid to write this; yes, I buy a planner every year.)

EC life planner-9 copy

This is by far my favorite and most useful business expense every year. 

We do use our phones to coordinate schedules, but I also take each task and write it with a pen/marker into this planner. I also make it look ultra cute, and snazzy with colors and stickers. Because it’s fun.

EC life planner-5 copy

What helps me most though is the actual act of writing down a task/meeting/date, and then marking off said task, etc.

We lose much of that repetitiveness when we just type things into a smartphone (which are also awesome), but sometimes simple IS best. Some of my favorite parts of this specific planner are the laminated monthly tabs, the zip storage bag, monthly calendars, daily task calendars, monthly LISTS (which I sometimes washi tape over and make into other lists), notes section, and yearly calendars! Also… it’s dang cute and the colors/quotes/organizational tools are by far the best of all of the planners I have ever used. Did I mention you can add photos/your name/quotes, etc?!

EC life planner-11 copy

I have had a day planner since I was in the 6th grade, and I think that’s the only way I made good grades in school.

Because really, who can remember to do problems 5-15, 19, 22, 107, and 133 on page 156 of your math book when you lose the piece of paper with the instructions that WAS crammed in your book somewhere deep in the abyss of your backpack.


Me either.


That’s why planners are such awesome things. 

So, tell me! What is your favorite planner, and why? 

{ Organization } Fall Redo

Having an abundance of produce is usually a wonderful thing, but not when it EATS your counter space.

For the last few months, we’ve been fighting the ‘battle of the bags’ (our CSA produce comes in brown paper bags). 

Until I can get the produce in the skillet, our counter space is Nil. None. Zip.

Most of you know that I like having an organized workspace ( c’mon, I can’t edit photos until my house is clean…), so this problem was really eating(hah) at me.
Well this morning, Hubs has a spectacular idea. Pyrex. 
My beautiful, vintage, amazing, pyrex. It gets used regularly (because we don’t use plastics to store our food), but I have an abundance… to say the least!

So, on the counter it went. I admit, I don’t love this kitchen (especially compared to our last kitchen), but we are making do with what we have until we can remodel more, and getting more organized in a space you don’t love is key to functionality. 

 storyboard copy 

and after that, I was inspired to photograph the mantle that got a mini-makeover yesterday. It’s still a work-in-progress, and needs some photographs and such, but I’m helping to will the weather to cool down a bit with some cozy decor! (that amazing bunting banner came from a homemade shop at #awbu, when I find the link, I’ll link up!)


Thanks for stopping by! What is your favorite kitchen organization tool? I’d love to hear it- share below!


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