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Friends and Pyrex

Those two words should be synonymous, because Pyrex makes friends and friends give Pyrex. Or in this case, that’s the truth.

Although Madeline and I didn’t become friends BECAUSE of Pyrex, it pretty much has become a mutual love. (Maddie, someday I’ll find some pink gooseberry in the wild and surprise your doorstep with it!)

We don’t use plastics to store food, so beautiful glassware has become a bit of a hobby (it’s actually very reasonably priced and you can search for it “in the wild” ) (aka Goodwill, Salvation Army, or a plethora of thrift stores) and find pieces for super duper cheap! Sometimes they have some wear, but I like to call that love.. someone loved on them really well. 

Well my birthday was on Wednesday, and my sweet, sweet, wonderfully giving friend sent a package. Inside, was a bubble wrapped bundle of joy! (no babies, here folks.. just pyrex)

Pyrex and Toddler Feet-4Giving gifts is such a joyous thing- it rivals the feeling of actually opening a gift like this!
I know it was sent straight from my friend’s heart… thanks my friend! 

Pyrex and Toddler Feet-2

Pyrex and Toddler Feet-3


After all that loveliness, we hosted some friends for dinner. I couldn’t help but capture some of the happiness!

Pyrex and Toddler Feet-5(amazing garland made by Owlbolt!

Pyrex and Toddler Feet-9

Pyrex and Toddler Feet-8

Pyrex and Toddler Feet-7


and baby feet.. because who doesn’t need baby feet on a Friday  morning. 

Pyrex and Toddler Feet-10Happy weekend, y’all! I hope your weekend is beautiful, and full of love.


P.S. What’s your favorite way to share some happiness with your friends? I personally like to make happy treats, or dinners for friends!


{ Organization } Fall Redo

Having an abundance of produce is usually a wonderful thing, but not when it EATS your counter space.

For the last few months, we’ve been fighting the ‘battle of the bags’ (our CSA produce comes in brown paper bags). 

Until I can get the produce in the skillet, our counter space is Nil. None. Zip.

Most of you know that I like having an organized workspace ( c’mon, I can’t edit photos until my house is clean…), so this problem was really eating(hah) at me.
Well this morning, Hubs has a spectacular idea. Pyrex. 
My beautiful, vintage, amazing, pyrex. It gets used regularly (because we don’t use plastics to store our food), but I have an abundance… to say the least!

So, on the counter it went. I admit, I don’t love this kitchen (especially compared to our last kitchen), but we are making do with what we have until we can remodel more, and getting more organized in a space you don’t love is key to functionality. 

 storyboard copy 

and after that, I was inspired to photograph the mantle that got a mini-makeover yesterday. It’s still a work-in-progress, and needs some photographs and such, but I’m helping to will the weather to cool down a bit with some cozy decor! (that amazing bunting banner came from a homemade shop at #awbu, when I find the link, I’ll link up!)


Thanks for stopping by! What is your favorite kitchen organization tool? I’d love to hear it- share below!


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