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Powder Coat Me!

Before starting this project, I never imagined all of the great craftsmen I would meet in our town… from welders, metal workers, glass cutters, automotive paint guys, to powder coating professionals.

It’s been amazing seeing how our community has it all! We’ve been able to source all of our needs locally, and affordably. 

My favorite transformation (because it’s been the most instant!) has been powder coating. I know once we get the paint on the Shasta, and the glass in the windows, and the new panels of aluminum up and the lock reassembled, those will all quickly become my favorite, too.  But today- it’s the powder coat!

Unfortunately, I’m a goofball with a really awesome camera who forgot to take before/after pics of the process. When you’re in the midst of a crazy-town project, sometimes these details slip your mind. But I did snap a few photos with my iphone.  before stairs kinda Below the floor, next to the wheel, you can somewhat see the state of the stairs before. They had about 15 coats of miscellaneous paint, rust, and pitting. Our friends at Custom Powder Coating Services were unsure of how deep the pitting/damage was so they made no guarantees, but I had camper good juju faith.   powdercoatstairsAnd it worked!! They look brand spanking new! I showed them off on Tin Can Tourists FB page, and a few thought they were actually new! Next came the wheels.  Which were also scary… which you can also kinda see in that first photo.   but now.. they look sharp! powdercoatwheelsWe left the spare in it’s original state for budgeting reasons (and because we hadn’t planned on it being seen. We may now mount it under the tongue, and may need to have it coated.. but we’ll see!  powdercoathubcaps   And with our snazzy (and lacquered in clear coat) cone hub caps from Vintage Trailer Supply. (Swoooon) Enough trailer talk for today! Feel free to comment with questions/comments/you’re crazy! Would love to hear from ya.      

Vintage Camper!

So a couple months ago, I got a crazy, hairbrained idea that we needed a camper.


(as if we NEED more projects around here)


Even crazier is the time limit we have put ourselves to finish the first major rounds of renovations!


She also needs a name.. but before we get too far ahead of ourselves, here she is!


This was at the previous owner’s home. We bought sight unseen (egads.. I know…) but knew we would be gutting it probably anyway.


Picking up outside Springfield!!
IMG_5725 IMG_5727


We were told it’s a 1965 Shasta 16sc, but I have only found this flyer that matches…. so many of these are similar/close in style. I THINK that this is correct, but I’ll try to match the VIN someday when we are less crazy over our head in projects. 


Original plates!

and original bargman lock! We’ll see if it’s salvageable though…


So far we have removed all the windows/fixtures/insides, and have managed to take off the skin. We are working on taking down the frame and refinishing the trailer, then replacing the floors.


From there, we plan to reframe rotted wood, shine up the original windows and screen door, rebuild the inside (can we say mouse pee, ewwww) because none of the original is really salvageable sadly, and putting back on the skins. Also on the agenda is to rebuild the door, sandblast a few things, strip old paint off the aluminum shell, repaint, new tires, and a new window! 


Our main goal is to get the outside complete and water sealed as quickly as possible. We want to take her to Durango, Colorado in July with my dad!

Here’s how she looked as of last night!




So when I call and ask if you can babysit, it’s probably because we are freaking out about our deadline… which is July 18th! (have a good laugh now, we know we are crazy!!)


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