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Has it really?


Oh dear. 

Has it really been two weeks since my last blog?  

I just love this time of year so much that I am constantly outside taking it all in with the little dude… or enjoying watching the leaves fall (or getting locked out of the house with C while blowing leaves off the driveway- yep totally happened).  

But I’m here, and fall family photos are in full effect. I just love this time of year.  

 Did I say that already? 

Here’s a bit of what we have been up to. (via my phone, because it’s what I have with me 100% of the time) 

Dress up in momma’s glasses (also notice that in every picture that follows, Lightening McQueen is ever present!)



Little Minion for HalloweenIMG_0003





Colors changing slowly in our front yard… this was before those big ole trees dumped 5 tons of leaves on our house, porch, driveway, and neighbor’s house, porch and driveway. (hah!)IMG_0008





When he ate the kitty cat’s tail he said “Oh No!!!” “Meow!”




Oh fall…IMG_0016

The much debated adult mac-n-cheese. (double hah! Only you AWBU foodie friday bloggers will probably get this reference!)IMG_0017

Boy is a constant blur these days. (and sweet Soph looking on tiredly..)




Mug swaps with IG buddies!IMG_0020

yes.. he’s that ornery, and that silly.IMG_0021


Enjoying one of my favorite past times- reading magazines! Especially of the pretty variety.



the end.



oh wait. now the end! Happy living room date night!

a little about a lot

When I first started blogging way back in high school (circa 2004), I never really desired to put a cap, or a limit, on what I wanted to blog about.


Today, that is still so true. Our lives move and change so much and I love that a blog can represent all of that and more through words, photos, and interactions. I’ve blogged through high school, music fads, college, birthdays, college marching band, finals, orchestra concerts, dating, engagement, marriage, weight loss, pregnancy, teaching, life and parenting… and it’s funny to see how some things come full circle, some things make me laugh-out-loud,  and some things make me CRINGE.


But overall, it’s all a little about a lot.


So when I start writing about something that isn’t quite on track with what the “theme” of the day is, or whatever, I give myself grace, because in 10 years, I will probably be the only person going through these old posts and re-reading what I wrote-that’s what this is all about. Memories. Sharing. Community.




Thanks for riding along on this crazy journey, and loving life with me.







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